Aidan L. Martinez

Ai-dan Logic was named after a dear friend and employee who left us too soon due to fatal accident. His name is Aidan Leigh Martinez.

Aidan was born to Victor and Natalie Martinez on November 10, 1990 and passed on February 21, 2016.

Naming my company after Aidan is in tribute first of all to an outstanding and considerate young man who carried the world on his shoulders. Also to honor his parents Victor and Natalie who raised a great son and man.  Aidan and his sister Christina grew up in a loving and nuturing family. A testimony to where Aidan got some of his values and ethics. His Dad and I served in the military together and I knew Aidan since he was a small child of about three years old. My family and I watched him and his sister grow up and become young adults. Aidan’s hobbies were skateboarding, rappelling, rope techniques and any activity that was in the great outdoors.

When I retired from the military I was in the logistics business at Sandia National Labs. His Dad asked if I could hire Aidan part-time because he had another part-time job. After two months I talked him into working full time for me. His selfless can do attitude brushed off on our entire team of movers. He became the go-to, subject matter expert in the field. The word “NO” or phrase “I can’t do this” was not in his vocabulary and matched the values I wanted for my business. I hope he learned something from me because I definitely took from what I learned because of him while he was with us and after his passing.

Aidan had an artistic hand and his lunch time doodles now decorate a corner in my  office.  Every once in a while I sit down and look at them, turn them around in my hand and in different light and try to see the world in Aidan’s eye.

This man will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace my friend.

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