Buyers/Sellers General Home Inspection: An Ai-dan Logic Home Inspector will visually examine and perform a non-invasive home Inspection. The traditional top-to-bottom home inspection; covers all basic home systems and components. Performed to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

 Exterior- doors, windows and exterior walls
 Roof
 Attic, Insulation and Ventilation
 Fireplace
 Interior- doors, windows and interior walls
 Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure
 Plumbing
 Heating
 Cooling

A complete Home Inspection report with photos returned as a detailed Inspection Report within 24 hours. Buyer’s inspections include Recall Alerts service, one year of InterNACHI Home Owners Newsletter, and a homeowner’s guide book with Maintenance tips and Life Span Chart.

 Manufactured homes/Mobile Homes - $275.00
 Homes 0-1999 Sq. Ft. $300.00
 Homes 2000-2499 Sq. Ft. $350.00

 Homes 2500-2999 Sq. Ft. $375.00
 Homes over 3000 Sq. Ft. call for a quote

Move-In Ready Home Inspection: Sellers inspection identical to buyer’s inspection except for the Recall Alerts, and Home Owners Newsletter, and with the addition of an agreed upon period of time for the seller to repair/replace defective items before the report is generated. Are you selling your home? Let an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified™ home has been pre-inspected, which means that the seller can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection informs you of any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.
First time buyer walk through/ Final walk through - $65.00 – A narrated residential walk-through to familiarize client with home systems and what to look for when viewing a prospective residence. No written report.

Mold Testing: Mold testing to verify the presence (or not) of mold in specific areas of the home. Test kits must be sent to a lab for verification, so allow 7 days for results.

1.  Complete Mold Inspection - $250
The complete Mold Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the readily accessible, visible and installed systems and components of the building. The inspector will perform moisture, temperature and humidity measurements. A total of three or more samples will be collected from different sources in the home.

2.  Limited Mold Inspection - $110.00
The Limited Mold Inspection does not include a visual examination of the entire building, but is limited to a specific area of the building identified and described by the inspector. As a result, moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth, and/or conditions conducive to mold growth in other areas of the building may not be inspected.

Sewer Line Inspection– $110.00- Sewer line scope/video.

              A visual inspection of drainage system to city or septic tank to determine condition of waste water piping.

Commercial Inspections: Please call for a written proposal as commercial inspections involve many more components and options than a home inspection.

Termite/WDO Inspection: HUD approved termite inspection as required by many lenders.
•As an add-on to a full inspection: $50.00   Stand-Alone WDO inspection: $100.00